W 253

F/Bb- double horn, compensating version

Unfortunately, compensation horns almost disappeared from the market completely.

But very interesting is the fact that the model W 253 is based on the well-known Kruspe "Wendler" model which was also built in a similar version by Reissmann/ Börner.

The current W 253 has the same corpus as the model 293 and is as usable as a regular double horn. With a lot of development effort we optimized especially the difficult F part.

All in all the W 253 is a very interesting horn for musicians who do not need a full double horn. And its advantages are clear: It is lighter, has a fantastic Bb part and nearly the same low range as a full double horn.

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Technical data

  • 4 valves with “Minibal” linkages (string linkages for main valves available)
  • bell size ML



W 273

F/Bb- full double horn, the new orchestra horn

The W 273 is the first Ricco Kühn double horn on which the switch valve is located in front of the first valve, similar to the Kruspe-Horner models.

The body of the instrument has been completely re-mensurated, with a slightly narrower bell than our established models.

The sound of this new horn is perfect for the German orchestral tradition.

It has an easy and direct response across all registers, has a big sound that carries well in the low register, offers safety in the high range and has a fantastic, focused sound. It is highly manageable on stage, with excellent carrying capacity in the hall.

Ergonomically, the new W 273 is similar to the models customarily played in Germany but has a better balance. It feels much lighter in the hand than it looks.

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Technical data

  • valve section similar to the Kruspe “Horner” model
  • 4 valves with “Minibal” linkages
  • bell size M, (ML possible)

W 293

F/Bb- full double horn, model “Reißmann”

The model W 293 is a real best seller of Ricco Kühn horns. In our opinion this Knopf/Geyer or Reißmann model is the most beautiful one in relation to the design. This is also coursed by the F extension without those tied bows and by the corpus which is maybe the most similar double horn to the natural horn.

All in all this horn was improved continuously and corresponds to the current state of knowledge. It is especially convincing with it’s continuously response over the complete range and its beautiful sound from piano to fortissimo with perfect articulation.

The small switch valve has complete air passing and enables smooth bindings without disturbing noises when switching between Bb and F.

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Technical data

  • 4 valves with string linkages (“Minibal” linkages available)
  • bell size M, ML, L (ML recommended)



W 294

F/Bb- full double horn, model “Reißmann”

The model W 294 has an additional A/stop valve. Although stopping and transposing on F horn is also possible without a stop valve it is much easier for musicians to use this special valve if available. On the Bb part with the help of this valve stopping is easily done too.

The light and ergonomic construction of this 5-valve model causes a very comfortable handling.

Technical data

  • 5 valves with string linkages (“Minibal” linkages available)
  • bell size M, ML, L (ML recommended)


W 293X

F/Bb double horn, model „Custom“

The "Custom" models are typical Ricco Kühn horns. That means craftsmanship on the highest standard. All the tapered measure parts are calibrated accurately in wall thickness and diameter, bent with a special filling material and hammered by hand. You can feel this especial process when playing one of our instruments. Each idea of them was born during a successful work with professional musicians.

Beside fruitful dialogs with professional musicians the design of model W 293 X also received benefit from our experience in designing triple horns.

W293 X is a very interesting alternative between the easy playable K model and our triple horn which focuses and carries the sound in the hall very well. Next to valve position the great handling and the long leadpipe are causing this. It has a great sound adaptability and is very smooth in pp and focused in ff.

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Technical data

  • compact design, great handling
  • 4 valves, main valves with “Minibal” linkages
  • bell size ML

W 293X-S

F/Bb double horn, model „Custom- Special“

Originally this model was born after constructing a W 293 X with a Bb tuning slide. But after comprehensive studies we recognized the potential of this idea. The slightly higher resistance causes more safety in the high range which is not comparable with most of the current horns.

Technical data

  • compact design, great handling
  • additional Bb- tuning slide
  • 4 valves, with “Minibal” linkages
  • bell size ML