Corno da caccia

C 311

Corno da Caccia in Bb/A

There is nearly no recent brass instrument, which is being more discussed with regard to tonal requirements than the Corno da Caccia.

Certainly various opinions are solid related to a particular era of the historic Corno or the desired usage in todays music.

The new model C 311 allows to serve nearly all sound styles if blown with according leadpipe and mouthpiece.

It can be blown very soft and horn-like with the standard leadpipe and a flugelhorn mouthpiece but also like a historic Corno when a different leadpipe and a trumpet mouthpiece are being used. In addition to model C 311 other variants are available.

If equipped with an A crook the C 311 can be played in A tuning.



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Technical data

  • bell yellow brass 170mm (6.69in.) with garland (optional yellow brass 180mm (7.10in.) with garland
  • 4 valves
  • Trigger at 3rd slide
  • additional A- tuning slide
  • optional shorter leadpipe for higher pitch



C 313

Corno da Caccia in C/Bb

We`re proud to present our new Corno da Caccia in C. The new model C 313 sets the same high standards like our well-known Bb/A Corno depending on sound and function. Perfect intonation and easy response from low to high range are only a few arguments for this new model.

Because you can use either a trumpet or a flugelhorn mouthpiece, this corno is a true all-rounder. Use it for historical music, in orchestra or for solo-pieces.

The C313 comes with a 170mm yellow brass bell with garland, but there are some more bells available. With the optional detachable bell system, you also choose 160mm or 180mm.

An interesting option ist the additional Bb-Set, that changes the C-Corno simply in a Bb-Corno. For different styles of handling, we offer two different trigger-levers.



Technical Data

- bell: 170mm Standard with garland. Also available 160mm and 180mm

- valves: Meinlschmidt, 4 valves

- trigger on 3rd valve

- two different trigger levers available

- additional Bb-set available