Corno da caccia

C 311

Corno da Caccia in Bb/A

There is nearly no recent brass instrument, which is being more discussed with regard to tonal requirements than the Corno da Caccia.

Certainly various opinions are solid related to a particular era of the historic Corno or the desired usage in todays music.

The new model C 311 allows to serve nearly all sound styles if blown with according leadpipe and mouthpiece.

It can be blown very soft and horn-like with the standard leadpipe and a flugelhorn mouthpiece but also like a historic Corno when a different leadpipe and a trumpet mouthpiece are being used. In addition to model C 311 other variants are available.

If equipped with an A crook the C 311 can be played in A tuning.



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Technical data

  • bell yellow brass 170mm (6.69in.) with garland (optional yellow brass 180mm (7.10in.) with garland
  • 4 valves
  • Trigger at 3rd slide
  • additional A- tuning slide
  • optional shorter leadpipe for higher pitch