handcrafted perfection calls for experience

The combination of traditional craftsmanship with modern manufacturing methods facilitates consistent production quality at the highest level – without making compromises in design and execution. Tradition and innovation – a leitmotif to which we have devoted ourselves since our company was founded.

Concepts of the ideal modern orchestral instrument are many and varied, as indeed are our options for deciding on choice and configuration. It is certainly advantageous that all of our employees have experience as musician in their own right and are able to combine this knowledge with craftsmanship for the benefit of our customers.

The members of our small, highly motivated team work autonomously, each in their own specialist area. A high level of knowledge, both practical and theoretical, is a valuable basis for pooling ideas to further refine our instruments.

 Besides using modern computerised measuring equipment and all manner of software for the design and optimisation of brass instruments, we enjoy close cooperation with many outstanding musicians. In recent years, this has led to a creative partnership resulting in high-quality orchestral instruments that afford the player reliability while still allowing complete artistic freedom.

The individual craftsmanship and the passion that we invest in perfecting every last detail do not allow us to manufacture in larger quantities. Quality and tonal individuality will therefore continue to be more important to us in the future than the pursuit of higher sales volumes.

I therefore hope we can continue to count on your esteemed custom. Please do not hesitate to inform us of your ideas or wishes for improvement in our selection of instruments. Some changes can not be implemented immediately. But often, it is possible to achieve even more than was expected.


Ricco Kühn