Ricco Kühn Trumpets


Many years of close collaboration between Ricco Kühn and professional musicians has resulted in ‘orchestra-quality’ trumpets. These have now reached a level of perfection rarely found. But what is meant by ‘orchestra-quality’ instruments? What qualifies a trumpet for use in a symphonic orchestra?


  • reliable response and intonation
  • balance in all registers
  • voluminous brilliant sound, without being too dominant in the orchestra, yet ever present and carrying
  • precise articulation
  • ‘healthy’ resistance, which is very important for controlled breathing, longer condition and also for protecting the lip-power
  • easy to play, while leaving plenty of scope for individuality


All Ricco Kühn trumpets meet these requirements. As the ‘feel’ and resistance of an instrument is a very personal experience, we try to meet individual preferences with our range of models. Every musician will find their perfect instrument for use in solo appearances, brass bands or small ensembles.




High Bb/A-Trumpets

High G-Trumpets


Corni da Caccia

German Musical Instrument Award 2010 / 2015

For the 2nd time in a row, the Bb-Trumpet T053 Professional won the “German Musical Instrument Award”! Especially in point of subjective evaluation of players, the trumpet could convince clearly in a distance to the other competitors.We are happy about this recognition, which we reached because of untiring development in details, in close collaboration with musicians and suppliers, and not least with the daily constructive work with our fantastic team.

Perfection, grown over the years.



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