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German Music Instrument Award 2010 / 2015

For the 2nd time in a row, the Bb-Trumpet T053 Professional won the “German Music Instrument Award”!Especially in point of subjective evaluation of players, the trumpet could convince clearly in a distance to the other competitors.We are happy about this recognition, which we reached because of untiring development in details, in close collaboration with musicians and suppliers, and not least with the daily constructive work with our fantastic team.



Service & Maintenance


Get professional support for everything about your instrument! We offer repairs for brass instruments of all kind and brands!



We proudly present: the new model 283

Our latest development, the full double horn model 283. It convinces not only by its compact and modern design, but mainly by its ergonomic handling and a perfect response and playability over the complete range.

The model 283 has our completely new-developed ML bell. Choose between three different bell flares for discovering your very personal sound. All of the offered bells for this horn work how you would expect it when trying a professional, handcrafted horn. 


We used a full brass valve section and focussed on a very cost-effective manufacturing. The result is a professional full double horn at an absolute favourable price.


the new W 283 ML - compact design for your demands


New Corno da Caccia in C

Corno da Caccia Modell C 313 C/B

We`re proud to present our new Corno da Caccia in C. The new model C 313 sets the same high standards like our well-known Bb/A Corno depending on sound and function. Perfect intonation and easy response from low to high range are only a few arguments for this new model.

Because you can use either a trumpet or a flugelhorn mouthpiece, this corno is a true all-rounder. Use it for historical music, in orchestra or for solo-pieces.

The C313 comes with a 170mm yellow brass bell with garland, but there are some more bells available. With the optional detachable bell system, you also choose 160mm or 180mm.

An interesting option ist the additional Bb-Set, that changes the C-Corno simply in a Bb-Corno. For different styles of handling, we offer two different trigger-levers.

Actually, the first instruments are already sold, but we plan to make some more this year! So don`t wait to ask for a try!