C 311/2

new handling option for our model 311


Technical Data

  • bell yellow brass 170mm (6.69in.) with garland
  • optional yellow brass 180mm (7.10in.) with garland or 160mm without garland
  • 4 valves
  • Trigger at 3rd slide
  • additional A- tuning slide
  • optional shorter leadpipe for higher pitch

C 311/2

Corno da Caccia in Bb/A


The difference between our model 311 and the model 311/2 is the Valve wrap. 

what we use for this model offers a completely new way to handle the Corno da Caccia. With an additional lever for the trigger, the musician can choose between two styles of handling.


You can order all Ricco Kühn Corno da Caccia models with detachable bell. 


the following bells can be choosen:


  • 160mm wihout garland
  • 170mm with small brass garland
  • 180mm with wide brass garland