W 125/C

technical Data

  • special model, playable in Bb,A and C
  • 5 valves, main valves with string linkages
  • 2 thumb valves with “Minibal” linkages
  • bell size M, ML
  • additional F crook for stop valve available


W 125/C

Bb horn with A/stop valve and additional C-valve


This model is especially interesting for ensemble and chamber music. It was originally produced on a special request but now it is offered for specialized musicians since years.

The W125/C is a Bb horn with A-stop valve and an additional raising C valve. The shortening by one tone gives you additional options in the high range and when playing difficult transpositions.

When using further crooks, you can change the basic pitch in A,B or C. An F crook for the muting valve is available.