W 253


technical Data

  • 4 valves with “Minibal” linkages (string linkages for main valves available)
  • bell size ML


W 253

F/Bb- double horn, compensating version


Unfortunately, compensation horns almost disappeared from the market completely.

But very interesting is the fact that the model W 253 is based on a successful model, which was also built in a similar version by Reissmann/ Börner.


The current W 253 has the same corpus as the model 293 and is as usable as a regular double horn. With a lot of development effort we optimized especially the difficult F part. All in all the W 253 is a very interesting horn for musicians who do not need a full double horn. And its advantages are clear: It is lighter, has a fantastic Bb part and nearly the same low range as a full double horn.