W 273



technical Data

  • valve section similar to the Kruspe “Horner” model
  • 4 valves with “Minibal” linkages
  • bell size ML


W 273

F/Bb- full double horn


The W 273 is the first Ricco Kühn double horn on which

the switch valve is located in front of the first valve, similar to the Kruspe-Horner models.

The body of the instrument has been completely re-mensurated, with a slightly narrower bell than our established models.


The sound of this new horn is perfect for the German orchestral tradition. It has an easy and direct response across all registers, has a big sound that carries well in the low register, offers safety in the high range and has a fantastic, focused sound. It is highly manageable on stage, with excellent carrying capacity in the hall. Ergonomically, the new W 273 is similar to the models customarily played in Germany but has a better balance. It feels much lighter in the hand than it looks.