W 283

our new compact-designed double horn


technical Data

  • Valves Meinlschmidt, brass
  • 4 Valves with string mechanism
  • compact design
  • bell size ML (1-3) (CLICK for more information)
  • 3 different bells to choose


W 283

F/ Bb- Full double horn


Our latest development, the full double horn model 283. It convinces not only by its compact and modern design, but mainly by its ergonomic handling and a perfect response and playability over the complete range.

The model 283 has our completely new-developed ML bell. Choose between three different bell flares for discovering your very personal sound. All of the offered bells for this horn work how you would expect it when trying a professional, handcrafted horn. 


We used a full brass valve section and focussed on a very cost-effective manufacturing. The result is a professional full double horn at an absolute favourable price.


Convince yourself!