W 293 Innovation

´The development of the new W 293 Innovation is based on years of experience in making our model 293. Listening to customers needs and my own ideas of the ideal horn made it possible to create a horn disregarding of expense and economic cost` (Ricco Kühn)



Although this model is similar to our proven W 293, the Innovation offers you a new, vivid playing experience with an awesome flexibility and safety over the complete range. It is much lighter than the standart 293, but offers nevertheless an impressive and compact sound.


The new W 293 Innovation is available with all 3 ML bell versions.

  • compact design, similar to our X models
  • all crooks are hand-made, hand-hammered and fit perfectly
  • traditionally made leadpipe
  • lightweight construction, ultra thin slides
  • Bore B:11.95mm ; F:12.05mm
  • Lightweight valves (as known from our triples)
  • light levers and linkages

also available: W 293 Innovation Classic

Our offer for musicians with love to details and handcrafted precision

  • ultra light, hand made braces between slides
  • hand forged braces at tuning slides
  • hand forged braces for bell and leadpipe
  • hand forged waterkey
  • forged pinkie hook