W 313 X


Technical Data

  • full length of leadpipe for Bb- horn
  • with optional Eb- set playable in Bb/Eb alto
  • main valves “Minibal” linkages switch valves string linkages
  • bell size M
  • A-/ stop- valve, optional with F- crook available


W 313X

Bb/ F alto descant double horn


The model W 313 X is a fully constructed descant double horn. As you may know from our triple horns, the F alto part is also tunable separately in this model. With the additional Eb crook set you can play it as a Bb/Eb flat descant horn.

The size of the bell is narrower so there is an easier response which is more direct.


Depending on the sound this model is playable in smaller chamber orchestras but it is also great in larger ones when playing it with a regular double horn mouthpiece. For the stop valve an additional F crook is available.