W 353 X

Absolute lightweight.


Technical Data

  • less weight than a full triple horn
  • full length of leadpipe in F/Bb part
  • with optional Eb- set playable in F/Bb/Eb alto
  • main valves “Minibal” linkagesswitch valves string linkages
  • bell size ML


W 353X

F/Bb/F alto (Eb alto) triple horn, compensating


Inspired by the success of our full triple horn we introduced the compensating model in year 2011. In difference to the full triple horn, the F part valve extension is realized by addition of extension crooks to the Bb part valve extensions.

The result is a compensation triple horn which weights 150 grams less than a full triple horn and is not much heavier than a double horn with stop valve.


Because most of the triple horns are played by high horn players, the sometimes reputed disadvantage of compensating horns in the lower range is to neglect here. But there are also some important advantages compared to the full triple horn. Next to the lower weight, the high range is playable easier and the difference between Bb and F alto part is smaller. Another advantage is the thumb mechanism, which is more comfortable because of a shorter thumb-way. An additional Eb crook set is available.

Now available for all Ricco Kühn Triple models