T 053 CX Custom

the Custom Series



Technical Data

  • bell with small nickel silver garland (rose brass or gold brass 130mm/5.12in.)
  • exchangeable leadpipe
  • valve section nickel silver with bronze valves
  • 2 water keys, one Vienna key
  • trigger at 3rd slide

T 053/CX

C trumpet “Custom”


In the same way the demands made on a modern rotary trumpet are many and varied, Ricco Kühn „Custom” models are adjustable to comply with the desire of individual musicians. Additional variant forms of bells and a well considered selection of handmade main tuning slides alongside of three different valve sections to offer significantly more scope in terms of resistance and sound.


Particularly impressive is the lively sound of the “Custom” trumpet with rose brass bell. From a darkly warm sound in piano, through to the powerful sound in fortissimo whilst still providing the familiar excellent intonation in all possible combinations, this model delivers space and reliability.In lively contact with many different trumpet players is was possible to take of a lot of more suggestions and to try further versions. As the result, we can offer further versions of the “Custom” models to fulfill almost all demands in resistance and sound which are playing as perfect as our “Professional” models.

The two most popular versions are available with fixed bell as model T 053/CX. All other versions are offered as T 073/CX with exchangeable bell.