C-trumpet T 073 C/CX

Your Trumpet. Your Set up.



the T 073 C/CX - a trumpet as individual as you are.

  •  exchangeable bell
  •  Professional or Custom Valve set, bore 11.00 to 11.17
  •  individual Tuning slides, bells and leadpipes

T 073/CX

C trumpet “Custom”


In the same way the demands made on a modern rotary trumpet are many and varied, Ricco Kühn T073 models are adjustable to comply with the desire of individual musicians. Additional variant forms of bells and a well considered selection of handmade main tuning slides to offer significantly more scope in terms of resistance and sound.


  • Gold brass 125mm
  • Gold brass 125mm, large garland
  • Gold brass 130mm
  • Rose brass 130mm, small garland


  • Professional Valve Set, gold brass slides
  • Custom Valve Set, nickel silver slides

Tuning slides

  • Gold brass, standard
  • Gold brass, size 2
  • Gold brass, size 3
  • Rose brass, standard
  • Rose brass, size 3


  • We offer a system of intelligent designed leadpipes for your trumpet. We stay at your entire disposal for further questions about our leadpipes.


  • 2 water keys standard
  • 1 vienna key standard
  • additional keys available


  • trigger on 3rd slide
  • different Triggers for 1st and 3rd slide available